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Are You

A Cyprus start-up needing instant customers?

Long established Cyprus business but low traffic?

In one month, we’ll show you how PPC can drive your business – With NO CONTRACT to tie you in - you’ll want to stay with us!

We achieve:

  • Greater click-through rates (CTR)
  • Effective cost per click (CPC)
  • Increased potential customer traffic

Did you know?

41 percent of clicks, on average, go to the TOP 3 paid ads on the search results page (Wordstream).

Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80 percent (Google)

Increased CTR

“Click Through Rate (CTR) on search has increased Year on Year, with the top 20 per cent pulling away from other industries”

- Adobe Digital Index (ADI) report, 2016

Why Choose Us

Our experience and know-how means increased profits for your business.

What it means for you

Google charges you less per click, which leads to higher profits for your business.

How do we do this?

The Search Marketing Shop creates intelligence-led PPC campaigns using carefully selected keywords and match types. We ensure that your ads and landing pages are:
  • Relevant to your industry or consumer sector
  • Precisely and Accurately Targeted
  • Useful and Valuable to your potential customer
  • Optimised for an Enhanced User Experience.

We focus on

Optimised Landing Page Quality Conversions maximised by:
  • Persuasive, relevant content
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA), directly relates to specific search queries
Increased Google Quality Score Lower costs achieved by:
  • Quality and relevance of keywords, landing pages and PPC campaigns
  • Better Quality Scores receiving more ad clicks

Expert Google AdWords Service

Find out more about how Google Partner can boost your online conversions

We can help your Cyprus business grow.

Our people understand your people - we can help you speak to your people too!

Our online ad agency is dedicated to helping all companies, organisations and groups in Cyprus to:
  • Raise Google ranking
  • Drive online awareness
  • Attract a bigger audience
  • Boost site traffic
  • Increase site conversions
  • Improve your bottom line

Key Benefits to your business

For over a decade we have specialised in helping businesses in Cyprus enhance their site performance. Our people understand your people - we can help you speak to your people too!

Here are the key benefits of why we believe that you should work with us to obtain the results you need to see your business grow:

In House Team

All search, coding and online activity is carried out in-house at The Search Marketing Shop. This means we can work even more closely with you, which is essential when working on critical campaigns.
Fully Accredited

Annual tests, budgets, and quality criteria are approved and certified with both Google and Bing (inc. Yahoo). The Search Marketing Shop are a trusted agency.

Transparent service

You will be able to see exactly what is happening with your site performance and your account. At all times you will know what we are doing for you and how our services impact your online ranking, traffic conversions and business progress.

No long term contracts

The choice of how long you stay or how many PPC campaigns you want to carry out is always up to you. Our way is not to tie you down but rather show you why you would want to stay not because you have to.


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